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SCR888 – The Most Played Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

SCR888 Mobile Slot Games Malaysia

SCR888 is today the most played mobile slot game in Malaysia. It’s available in both Android and iOS mobile devices. Just in case many might wonder what SCR888 is, we’re gonna give you a brief introduction.

SCR888 started from desktop version, where its slot games were popular in illegal gambling dens (also known as Kedai Mesin) in Malaysia. It was very much favoured by the gamblers, especially Malay, simply because it’s easier to win money from SCR888.

Does it mean you can hack the slot game? Practically speaking, no. But some people somehow manage to manipulate the winning payout of SCR888 slot games. To be particular, its desktop version. How did they do it?

They usually insert a pen drive into the gaming computer, as recognized as hacking devices. Some of them could even manipulate the game balance point in desktop version. Can you imagine how much windfall profits you could make from such way?

This is also one of the reasons why some illegal gambling dens would allow players to deposit more than a certain amount at one time. They want to prevent scammers from entering their shops and hack their computers.

However, it’s very much different for mobile version from desktop version. Everything is stored online, while there is no way you can hack the online mobile slot game as its security firewall is very strong.


SCR888 Android APK and iOS Free Download

SCR888 Android APK iOS Free Download

Unlike other slot game in Malaysia, SCR888 is completely free to download. There are two versions available – Android APK and iOS. So, you gotta refer to different download tutorial for SCR888 Download. For SCR888 Android APK download, you can refer to this free tutorial. As for SCR888 iOS download, you may refer here.

Would it be dangerous to download? Not at all. It has been encrypted using safe and secured methods which is also 100% virus free. There is no malware nor malicious attack in the game application.

Meanwhile, there is way too many untrusted sources for its download link. You gotta becareful when choosing the original source to download for game applications. The safest way is to download from its official casino agent – You may also talk to its professional customer service representatives for more download info.


Even Better Than Live Casino Games

SCR888 Better Than Live Casino Games

Mobile slot gaming is the trend, especially in Malaysia. Today, most of the people would like to gamble on mobile phones, just as how they spend time on Facebook and Google. How about the traditional live casino games?

Many have switched from live casino games to mobile slot games in Malaysia. Simpler to play, easier to win, and much more fun you can find from mobile slot games. It’s just like a no brainer kind of thing.

If you are a big fan of live casino games, you can also find such games in SCR888. For example, Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, Blackjack, and many more. The only difference from traditional live casino games is that there is no live streaming with sexy casino dealers. However, everything from bottom to top is still in line with the international fair gaming policy.

What’s more special is the online roulette casino games in SCR888. There are few types that includes traditional roulette, Roulette 24, Roulette 36, and Roulette 73. The advanced version of roulette casino games with more numbers available for betting, has made the game even more exciting to play.

Why should you play traditional live casino games, while SCR888 is offering a much much higher winning payout? You can possibly become rich from playing mobile slot games from time to time. Not to mention its sky high progressive jackpots worth millions ringgit.