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Step-by-step Guide: SCR888 Android APK Download

SCR888 Android APK Download Guide

Really, it’s much easier to download SCR888 Android APK than to download SCR888 iOS version. Unlike iOS version , where you gotta overcome the additional hassles due to Enterprise Edition, all you need for SCR888 Android APK version is just few simple and quick steps. Below are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Android version”
  3. Then click “Install”
  4. After installation has completed, launch the game application and start playing SCR888

Isn’t it no brainer? It’s just so simple to download on your Android smartphone. This is why lots of people would use Android phones to play SCR888 slot games rather than iPhones.


Android Version is Much More Important than iOS Version

SCR888 Android APK SCR888 iOS

In Malaysia, SCR888 company would prioritize Android version over iOS version. But why? Think about it, Malay makes up of nearly 75% of the country’s population, and most of the Malay use Android phones.

As a matter of fact, more of the slot game products nowadays focus more on targeting Malay market. Don’t forget that Malaysia is afterall a Muslim country.

Considering the fact that Android version is a very vital factor to its success, SCR888 has made its Android version much more superior than iOS version:

  • SCR888 Android version has higher winning payout
  • Android version’s game server is relatively more stable
  • New slot games are always updated on Android version before iOS version
  • More Free Bonus Games and Free Ang Pow are distributed in Android version

Well, I would probably suggest you to play SR888 slot games with Android version given all the facts above.


Is SCR888 APK Hackable?

SCR888 Android APK Hack

Some rumours say SCR888 APK is hackable. You can win as much as you want if you know how to hack the software.

This has not been verified yet. But I believe the chances of successfully hacking SCR888 desktop version is pretty high. Some people even sell SCR888 hacking software on Facebook or Youtube.

I remember there was once one of my fellows put a pen drive with hacking software inside a so-called illegal gambling den. He won really a lot of money that day. With that hacking software, you basically do nothing to win away up to ten thousand ringgit a day.

You might be curious, why I didn’t make a great fortune by using that hacking software? Honestly, I did make a lucrative amount of windfall profits from that. But somehow it didn’t work after a week. So, I concluded that one hacking software could only work for certain period. Once SCR888 company has detected such issue, they would make rectification to prevent hacking from happening again.

However, for SCR888 mobile version, the possibility of hacking its slot games is still a mist. We will share about this in our SCR888 Blog.