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Rollex Live Casino Malaysia

Rollex Live Casion Malaysia

Don’t get it wrong, this is not the prestigious branded men’s watch – Rolex. It’s actually one of the best live casino games in Malaysia. Similar to NewTown (NTC33) Casino, it’s also a sub brand of Playtech from UK.

For many years in the past, Rollex has built its strong reputation in the Malaysian online casino industry, especially its expertise in live casino gaming. What does it offer? Almost all live casino games including Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Sicbo, and Poker.

Similarly, Rollex has live and sexy casino dealer to execute its live casino games. The entire process is being captured by high definition (HD) camera, then deliver to players in the form of live gaming screen. Everything is on a real-time basis without delay in time. This is also why people trust Rollex Casino so much. Everything is transparent, fair, and efficient.

Different from the traditional land-based casino, there is pre-stipulated time limit for betting in its live casino games. Beyond the time limit, you would need to wait for the next game to place your bet.

If you were to ask me, how high is the winning payout that Rollex offers to its players? Well, there is no absolute answer to this question. As we all know, table casino games are fair and square. Unlike slot games, there is no calculated algorithms behind the scene. It all depends on your personal luck.

That said, you’re basically playing live casino games under fair manner. There are no tricks. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you would become the next big time player that grab away millions ringgit from its live casino games.

Can I Play Rollex Casino Games in Android APK or iOS Version?

Rollex Casino Android APK iOS Download

Well, almost all casino games nowadays are available in mobile version. They all understand the growing importance of mobile gambling market in Malaysia. In fact, I believe sooner or later 90% of the online gambling revenue will be solely generated from mobile gambling market.

Let’s talk about the two major mobile operating system in the word today – Android APK and iOS. Most of the Malaysians use Android smartphones. One major reason is because it’s less costly to buy, while all its mobile application is free to use. This is why Android APK is so popular amongst the local online gambling industry. Most gamblers are from the low to middle income group. For people from high income group, they would probably gamble in land-based casino – Genting Highlands.

The good thing is Rollex does support Android APK version. Just go to this link: to download for its games. For Android APK version, its casino games are basically divided into two categories: Mobile Live Games and Mobile Slot Games. For you to play both, you would need to download both game applications at one time.

Nonetheless, there is no mobile application for iOS version. If you’re an iPhone user, you can alternatively play its mobile casino games at this link: Unfortunately, this flash version offers you a game speed that is a bit slower than the mobile version. Having said that, it still performs at an optimized level which is in line with the international mobile gambling standard. Better than nothing right huh?

The last thing is, don’t forget Rollex also has PC version for you to bet in desktop. This is exactly the same as what you usually see in Kedai Mesin. Just go to this link for full PC version download:


More Than 200 Slot Games with Progressive Jackpots Up to RM1,000,000

Rollex Slot Game Big Win

We’ve talked so much about its live casino games and download process. How about online slot games? It could be the last thing you ever want to miss about Rollex Casino.

There are more than 200 slot games under its game menu. Not the most in the market, but you will never get bored with this much of slot game variety for selection. The important thing is, how you choose the best slot games to play for maximizing your winning amount.

Below are some of the most popular mobile slot games offered by Rollex:

  • Highway Kings
  • Great Blue
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Silver Bullet
  • Captain’s Treasure
  • Safari Heat
  • Penguin Vacation
  • Irish Luck
  • White King
  • Thai Paradise

The most appealing feature of its mobile slot games is the superb Progressive Jackpots up to RM1,000,000. Please don’t ask me how to strike the jackpot, because I want it so badly as much as you. From what I know, the more frequent you bet, the higher chances that you can strike the Progressive jackpots.

This is why it’s more advisable for you to claim free casino bonus to play mobile slot games. With extra free credit, you can possibly lengthen you betting duration, thus increasing your chances to win!