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NewTown Online Casino Malaysia

NewTown NTC33 Online Casino Malaysia

Speaking of NewTown Casino in Malaysia, I bet it’s hard for you to not know about this online gambling brand. NewTown Casino is also commonly known as NTC33. It’s one of the sub brands of Playtech in Malaysia.

What you can find in NewTown Casino? NewTown Casino is primarily reputable for its online live casino games, as what you normally see in land-based casino. That includes Live Baccarat Game, Live Roulette Game, Live Sicbo Game, Live Hold’em, and also Live Blackjack.

People love to play its online casino games mainly attributed to its high transparency in fair gaming policy. Playtech is one of the best in live casino gaming area. Especially in Malaysia, when online gambling is regarded as illegal activity, it’s harder for you to find a reliable live casino game provider.

Some of the online betting products do not really online betting platform that is fair and square. They might use tricks to cheat players, while it’s nearly impossible for you to win their money away.

Its live casino games are all based on live streaming, most of its studio casinos are based in South East Asia countries like Philippines, Cambodia, or even Vietnam. These countries allow land-based casino to be operated, and online gambling is surely a legal area.

What usually accompanying the live casino games is dozens of sexy live casino dealers. These sexy live casino dealers are usually well selected through a series of thorough audition and interview. They speak perfect Mandarin and English. Players are also allowed to communicate with them through online chatting.


Does It Have Slot Games?

NewTown NTC33 Online Slot Game

Yes, of course NewTown Casino has its own slot games. Be it desktop version or mobile version, its slot games are always the favourite of some of the online gamblers in Malaysia. Why?

It’s mainly because of its superb Progressive Jackpots. Whoever strike the Progressive Jackpots could possibly become the next millionaire in Malaysia. In order to participate in the dollar ball games, one would need to contribute some wagers into dollar ball pool during each spin.

Keep in mind that not all its slot games offer Progressive Jackpots. How can you find out? From the game menu itself. Slot games with Progressive Jackpots would display the total Jackpot amount on game icon.

Another reason people love to play NTC slot games are largely due to its mobile friendly slot gaming layout in Android and iOS version. Everything you need about online gambling is in NewTown Casino. So, what are you waiting for?


NTC33 PC Desktop Version, Android APK and iOS Free Download

NewTown PC Desktop Android APK iOS Download

Unlike most of the pure slot game products, NTC33 Casino can be downloaded on PC desktop version as well. You can play both live casino games and mobile slot games in desktop version. Alternatively, you may also play its games in flash version by using this link:

The advantages of playing in desktop version is definitely speed and stability. In flash version, the casino game speed might be a little bit slower compared to desktop version, yet it’s still perfect for play.

In terms of mobile version, NTC33 casino games are available on both Android and iOS operating system. There is Android APK file for you to download in Android phones. However for its iOS version, you gotta need to play in flash version. Its flash version is fully mobile responsive that totally fits the screen size of an iPhone.