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The History of Slot Games

The History of Slot Games

Slot games are one of the most popular casino games around the world, following table casino games. Thanks to the continuous advancement in technology, slot games are getting more and more prominent nowadays.

Long long time ago, there was no such thing as slot games. People gamble using traditional casino card games. Of course, there were no electronic devices at all back then.

After sometime, people started to come out with new idea: why don’t we let everyone gamble on electronic devices? There are much more benefits compared to the traditional table casino games:

  • No human labour is involved
  • Cost saving
  • Fully automated resulting in lesser human mistake
  • Accurate calculative algorithms

Given the above, no manpower is needed for running a slot machine. All casino operators need to do is to place the slot machines in their respective casinos to gain profits. This has resulted in large saving in terms of human capital.

What else you need to pay for the machine other than setup fees and machine cost? Nothing more but just electricity cost. This has also largely widened up the profit margin of gambling business.

Everything in the slot machine is calculated by computer. Therefore, there can hardly be mistake unless there is an unexpected breakdown in the gambling machine. Human mistake is lesser, thus operational efficiency has been significantly improved.

Some gamblers claim that they can constantly make profits from casino games, especially poker games. This has imposed great risks to the gambling businesses worldwide. Slot machines carry no such risk as everything is accurately calculated, especially the winning payout. It’s definitely in the favour of banker.


Mobile Slot Games in Malaysia

Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

As we all know, there is only one licensed casino being operated in Malaysia – Genting Highlands. You need to drive all the way uphill just to play slot machines in Malaysia.

To avoid the inconvenience, there is a better alternative for you – play slot games on your mobile devices. Wow, this totally sounds like a great solution isn’t it? You don’t have to physically go out but can just play the games at anywhere you want.

Unfortunately, it’s considered illegal gambling activity in Malaysia. Given the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim country, online gambling is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Therefore, you gotta think twice before engaging with online casino companies.

Nevertheless, everyone is gambling online, why shouldn’t I? In fact, nearly 90% of the gamblers in Malaysia gamble online. It is a really huge market.

Due to the high demand for mobile slot games in recent years, syndicates started to launch mobile slot game products to cater for the needs.

Generally, mobile slot games are only available for Android and iOS mobile devices. It seems to be more than enough as 99% of the world’s population uses these operating systems.

Of course, screen size in mobile slot games is much smaller compared to desktop version. Nonetheless, game developers have also adopted simplification as well as optimization in designing such mobile slot games.

Just in case you’re very new to the local mobile slot gaming market, we’re gonna introduce you some of the best online slot game products in Malaysia in the next session.

Play the Best Mobile Slot Games

SCR888 Slot Games Malaysia

SCR888 is today the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia. It’s kinda like monopolizing the local online gambling industry.

But, why is it so popular? Many people have written about SCR888. The core factor to its great success is afterall the winning payout. It offers extraordinarily high winning payout to retain gamblers. No one has tried such high winning payout in the past.

There is a saying: “you could possibly make yourself rich overnight with SCR888”. Is this true? You gotta play the game yourself to answer this question.

Anyway, SCR888 mobile slot games are available in both Android and iOS version, but not desktop version. It’s easy to download, while free SCR888 download tutorial is also provided by us.


LPE88 Slot Games Malaysia

LPE88, or also known as Lucky Palace Casino, is today the hottest online gambling brand in Malaysia developed by the UK’s Playtech. Playtech is well-known for its fair gaming policy which is in line with the rules and regulation stipulated by the world’s online gambling association.

One of the best highlights about LPE888 is its huge Progressive Jackpots amounting up to millions ringgit! What you need to do to grab the big prize home? Just place some bets on its mobile slot games. It’s doesn’t matter how much you spin, nor the bet amount you’ve placed, all LPE88’s players stand chance to strike the progressive jackpots.


3Win8 Slot Games Malaysia

3Win8 is the second most potential online slot game product after SCR888. As a matter of fact, its game design is pretty similar with those in SCR888. They are targeting the same customer group in Malaysia.

What different is the detailed graphic design in 3Win8, which is much more quality compared to SCR888. In terms of winning payout, 3Win8 seems to less superior compared to SCR888.

Despite the above, you can also find some special and unique mobile slot games that are only available in 3Win8. Its slot games are only available in Android APK version and iOS version.