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Online casino is very common nowadays and I believe many of you heard about “918Kiss Kiosk” before. Same as many of the online casino out there, 918Kiss does have its very own kiosk. For your information, it is a must for every casino to have its own kiosk. Since kiosk is the thing that makes an online casino run smoothly and it is a very crucial element. Well, many of us would say that online casino kiosk purpose is for point changing or money withdrawal. Being very different and revolutionary from others online casino, 918Kiss kiosk has very unique functions. Let’s take a look at its functions and what makes it so special.



As per mentioned beforehand, 918Kiss kiosk creates better and smoother online casino management. This is very true as the kiosk is the place where players would find for their very first play. For the first timer, 918Kiss kiosk provides information and advice to the players about 918Kiss. For example, the admin will suggest the new players try out the game at free play. Or else, many of the players play blindly and end up with heavy loss. The price is unnecessary and totally avoidable. This is why the 918Kiss app always emphasizes free play, so the players have more fun. If you are here to have fun, free play is always here for you. If you are here to have the winning thrill, boost yourself up with experience and skill at free play.

Besides, some of the experienced 918Kiss kiosk’s admin do provide advice about the suitable games for new players. You might think that all of the online casino games are the same but you are totally wrong. Though the gameplay mechanism is similar, the way of playing it and the winning chances are very different. You might find many online pokers out there, but the winning chances are different. All of the online casino games are electronic software. Since it is a software, it is a digital program. A digital program has everything well set and configure, including the winning chance. You might think your winning is all about luck, but the truth is the game is already well set. So the next thing to do is you must identify and grab the winning opportunity. If you able to do so, you are not far from striking rich.


This function is very common. After you learn everything about 918Kiss, changing point at 918Kiss kiosk is the next thing to do. For your information, 918Kiss kiosk can receive payment from most banks in Malaysia, such as Public Bank, Maybank, HSBC bank. As long as you have cash in the bank, a changing point at 918Kiss kiosk is not an issue at all. Similar to the real casino, there is no cash allowed on the table. Again, you must change points at the kiosk. On top of that, 918Kiss does provide attractive bonus upon point change, especially for new players. Even there is the bonus for your next change, but the bonus rate is lower. So, you must grab the chance and change as many points as possible because there is no second chance.

We are more than happy to see the players doing well in their game. The winning credit calculates in the points system, for example, 1000 points for RM 1000.00. you have your very own “wallet” in 918Kiss, whereby you can keep the points inside as long as you desire. Of course, you may cash it out anytime. In order to perform this action, you must contact the admin at 918Kiss kiosk. The procedure is very simple, just provide your name, identity card number, bank account number and bank name. The next information you need to provide is the amount you wish to cash out. After that, what you need to do is just wait for 10 minutes and your money is ready in your bank account.


Unbelievable? Believe it. 918Kiss is an ever-growing online casino and it is available in more than 100 websites out there. From time to time 918Kiss will need manpower to run the 918Kiss kiosk. Let say 918Kiss is available on 100 websites, so there are 100 kiosks. 100 kiosks mean that they need 100 admins to work. 918Kiss runs 24 hours a day and there are 3 shifts, so they need 300 admins to work for them. This is why I say 918Kiss kiosk is your source of side income. If you really need to work from home as part-time, just contact the admin for more details. Even if there is no vacancy, leave your resume and they will contact you once the job is available.

Soft skill and computer skill are the skills you need to work at 918Kiss. You use soft skill to deal with the clients, to chat with them so you learn about the situation. If you fail to do so, you fail to be 918Kiss admin. Or even worst, you offend the clients and piss them off. Clients might be very annoying, so this is the part you need your soft skill and EQ. As for computer skill, you need typing skill, online banking procedure and some basic computer knowledge. If you are good at doing all of these, please do not hesitate and submit your application to 918Kiss. Their admin is very efficient and will reply you in no time.

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