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918KISS iOS Version

Download SCR888 iOS Version Malaysia

918KISS mobile online slot game has long been the favourite of iPhone users in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, it’s kinda hard for iPhone users to play slot games in Malaysia as most of the slot games are not iOS friendly.

Most players use HTML5 version for playing mobile slot games. For example, Playtech iOS version is only available in HTML5 format. Players would need to launch browser before they can play. Here’re the disadvantages of using HTML5:

  • Slower game speed
  • Unstable game connection with server
  • Some slot games are not available
  • Unpleasant user experience

Therefore, it’s much better if you can play slot game in iOS app version. And this is what 918KISS has in place for you.


Free and Easy Tutorial for Downloading 918KISS iOS Version

Free Easy Tutorial Download 918KISS iOS Malaysia

Before you even get started, you gotta identify your smartphone model. The good thing is, you may download 918KISS apps in any iPhone model, be it iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, or even lower iOS operating system. I believe it can also cater for the upcoming iPhone 8 operating system.

It’s advisable to read through the following download tutorial before you start downloading the application. Here you go:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “iOS version”
  3. Select either 64bit or 32bit iOS version, that depends on your iPhone operating system type
  4. Then you click “Install”
  5. On homepage, the download process with then begin to run
  6. Is it done? Not yet. Unfortunately, iPhone usually block any unknown or unreliable sources for running application. So you gotta complete one more step before you can play the game.
  7. Go to “Setting” in your iPhone, then go to “General”
  8. Select “Device Management”
  9. Trust “All Continental Trading Sdn. Bhd.”
  10. Congratulation! You’ve completed 10 easy steps to download 918KISS iOS version. You may now begin to play its slot games.

Sounds easy right? It only takes about 3 minutes to download the game. Please take note that the above is only applicable to iPhone users. You may refer here if you wanna download for 918KISS Android APK.


Why is 918KISS iOS Not Available in Apps Store?

918KISS iOS Version Malaysia Apps Store

Firstly, you gotta understand that Apple Inc. takes really really strict stance towards its apps store listing policy. Sometimes, even legal game application can’t even get listed on Apps Store as they fail to adhere to Apple’s listing policy.

Since 918KISS slot games are considered illegal online gambling apps in Malaysia, it’s quite impossible for its game application to be listed on Apps Store.

Well, the only way for players to download iOS version is in the form of Enterprise Edition. Enterprise Edition is kind of like a private version of game application without going through the stringent filtering process by Apple. You can enable nearly any game application to be downloaded in iPhone through this way.

Anyway, it does not mean Enterprise Edition is a dangerous version that contains viruses or malware. It’s still very safe afterall, just that it didn’t pass the “exam” conducted by Apple.

So, do not over-worry if you see that 918KISS iOS version is in the form of Enterprise Edition. That being said, 918KISS Malaysia is today the largest online casino company in Malaysia. They would not allow any harmful elements in their game application. It’s completely safe and secured.