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From the phrase “918Kiss IOS”, I believe you all are pretty familiar with the word “IOS”. IOS is an operating system used for the mobile device. Apple Inc. is the developer of this operating system. Different from the Android app, IOS is device specific and you can only use it for iPhone. This is why you must choose carefully when you try to download 918Kiss from the internet. You must choose the one which suits your mobile phone, or else it won’t operate at all. However, for PC user, you can only download 918Kiss Apk version because there is the only emulator for 918Kiss Apk file. After you download the file, you have to follow the instruction steps to install the apps properly.

918Kiss IOS is the best thing you can have in your iPhone. Being so different from many others apps game, 918Kiss actually allow you to earn money. This is because 918Kiss Free Download is an online casino and it is the most popular online casino in Malaysia. There are many reasons for its popularity: fancy user interface, varsity of games, high-end graphics, and sound effects. In fact, the main reason for the 918Kiss popularity is its winning chance. 918Kiss has the highest winning chance as compared to all other online casino apps in Malaysia. In another word, almost all the players of 918Kiss win the game pretty often. Besides, the high bonus rate on top up and new registration also contribute to the popularity.


As mentioned beforehand, you play 918Kiss IOS in iPhone and it can be a money-making tool. Since it is money making tool, you must make sure everything works properly. This is very important because any error or mistake will cause irreversible loss to you. For example, you are one step ahead to win and your screen goes wrong. You can’t touch or swipe at all and you miss the winning chance. Isn’t it unnecessary since this error is preventable? In this article, we will see how to keep your phone’s screen and battery in shape.

Being so different from traditional keypad phone, such as Nokia 3310, smartphones are very delicate. Nokia 3310 can withstand any damage such as throw or step, but not smartphones. This is why you need to take care of it properly or else it won’t last long. The first thing you can do is get a tempered glass screen protector for your phone. The best screen protector is 9H hardness rating which can withstand scratches, drops, and pressure. If you wish to get extra protection, you may get gorilla glass or dragon trail glass.

Next thing is a leather pouch for safe keeping. Please make sure you get a good quality one since you have already spent thousands to buy your phone. There are some pouches with plastic or rubber lining in the market available but it is not recommended. It is because they make your phone look ugly and serve no function at all.

As for the battery, always use the charger of the same company or the original charger for your smartphone. Though you may cross using the charger between companies, it is not recommended. This is because it will damage the internal electronic components and reduce your battery lifespan.


As a 918Kiss IOS player, you must know about the smartphone top killer and try to avoid it. According to a survey done by Samsung, dropping is the top smartphone physical killer. You must avoid holding your phone in your hand if you are going to stand or walk for a long time. Please keep your phone in your bag or pocket, if possible shirt pocket. This is because if you put it in pant’s pocket, you might bend the phone and cause irreversible damage. If you drop your phone accidentally, anything can happen. You might damage your screen, electronic boards etc. Please bear in mind that these damages are not under warranty.

The next top killer is water. Do not get surprised by this fact because many of the smartphones end up in the sewage tank. Try to avoid bringing your phone to the toilet or bathroom. During the rainy day, please bring a plastic bag or polythene sleeve to keep your phone inside. The function is to keep your phone dry and away from water. In case your phone drenches, do not get panic. Use a hair dryer to air dry your phone and bring it to repair center.

Do not try to switch on your phone as once you do it, there is no chance for you to get your phone back. The water will cause the short circuit in your phone and damage the electronic board. In the repair center, the repairman will open up your phone and dry everything. Once the phone is all dry, there is hope that the phone still functioning.


I hope this article is simple enough for you to learn how to maintain your phone properly. Please read it through again before you really start playing 918Kiss IOS. If you follow these steps properly, there is no chance at all for your phone to get malfunction out of the blue. As mentioned beforehand, a good phone is important to make sure top enjoyment when you play 918Kiss. So, follow the steps now and start to win big!

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