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918Kiss Free Play | Unlimited 918Kiss Credits | 918Kiss Slot Games

What Is The 918Kiss Free Play?

918Kiss offers a free trial mode to both its new and existing players, called the 918Kiss Free Play. There is a famous saying which says, “there is no free lunch in the world”, which means nothing is free. This company, however, strongly believes in rewarding its users with a variety of experiences. One such reward is this free trial account given to users to experience the games at no cost. Not many online casino platforms out there offer such a user-friendly option.

This is a unique offer that 918Kiss offers exclusively for its players regardless of whether new or experienced. For users that have been playing the games using SCR888, the Free Play is not a new term. For new users, however, they can explore a lot of opportunities using the trial mode. The feature has significantly contributed to 918Kiss’s standing as the most preferred online casino platform for gamers.

How To Obtain The 918Kiss Free Play Account?

The 918Kiss Free Play account registration is simple straightforward and hassle-free. You just to download the mobile app, either 918Kiss APK or iOS, based on your mobile device. Ensure that you download the mobile applications from a legitimate website. Once you have downloaded the app, register as a player. You can do this by contacting the live chat personnel or agent. After registration, which is completely free, you will then obtain a 918Kiss Test ID also for no cost.

The entire process of downloading the mobile application and registration will take roughly 30 minutes in total. Using the ID provided, you will able to log in into the account and access the games available.  This ID will allow you to play the games on trial mode. There are no changes in the feature, so you can access all games just like the normal mode.

The 918Kiss Test Id allows you to access all the games available on the application without involving real money. This is because, in the trial mode, you will also get free virtual credits. These virtual credits will allow you to play any games available without the involvement of real money. Worry not if you enjoyed playing the games until you used up all of those free credits. Just contact the friendly live chat personnel or your agent to top up your virtual free credits. There are no limitations on the number of free credits that you can request for. You will not lose any money but you will also not win any real money, only credits. Thus, there is little risk involved especially for new users with no experience in online gambling. So, feel free and experience the games until you are comfortable to play with real money.


Advantages Of The 918Kiss Free Play

Unlike other online casino platforms, 918Kiss Online allows games to access all the games at no cost through the trial mode. There are no restrictions in obtaining the Free Play and the methods involved in getting it is incredibly easy. You just need to register and you are on your way to experiencing unlimited fun. Also, the trial account is not just limited to the website thus you can use it from your mobile application. This will give you the convenience to access the games anywhere and at any time you feel like playing. Another advantage is that the trial account is completely free. From registration to the credits used to play the games, everything is free of charge. There is no pressure that you will face because you will not need to use real money to bet. All you have to do is log in, start playing and having fun!

The free account allows inexperienced users to test out the platform before proceeding to bet with real money. This way, you can experience the thrill of the game without the fear of losing your money. At the same time, the trial mode also allows you to become familiar with the games and rules. This will allow you to play with more confidence once you start betting with real money. There is also no limit imposed on the number of free credits you can obtain from this trial account.

As such, you can play for as many times and for as long as you wish to. You will also be able to learn some good betting strategies through the 918Kiss Test ID. This means you will learn the best strategies to win big money, without losing any. Once you feel confident enough to play using real money, you can start betting.



There may be some limitations since this is a free trial account. You may face some lag issues in the trial mode compared to the normal mode. Thus, be patient while using the trial mode. Also, the free credits have no limits but the only a certain amount is given each time. As such, you may find yourself requesting for free credits rather frequently. Also, the free mode might not have the actual excitement compared to the normal mode. This is because you will be betting using credits instead of real money. However, the advantages far outweigh the limitations of this feature. You will be able to understand the games much better and faster before you proceed to the real deal.

Although the 918Kiss Free Play is an awesome feature provided without much restriction, you must still take some precaution. The account you register with is free only for you. This means you will not be allowed to share the account details with others for their use. If your friends wish to play, they can register for their own account.

Under no circumstance must you reveal details of your account to others or allow them to play on behalf. You are also not able to hack this account for any purpose. If the company finds that you have hacked your free account, they will suspend your ID and account. In future, you will not be able to apply for a new Test ID as well. Thus, use the feature given with responsibility so that you can enjoy the application without issues.

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