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918Kiss Casino Online | 918Kiss App Free Download & Free Register

What is 918Kiss Casino Online?

The 918Kiss Casino Online, formerly known as SCR888, is Malaysia’s leading and largest platform for online casino and slot games.  It is an international body owned by SOLEI in Island Casino Ltd with monitoring done by the Gaming Council. Online players consistently crowded the website since it’s rebranding on 5th January 2018. One of the major reasons why it became so popular is due to the vast selection of games available. 918Kiss Casino offers both the traditional casino table games as well as online slots games. The website has more than 130 types of game with the most popular one known as the Three-Kingdoms Quest. Some of the games also have higher winnings odds than others such as Monkey Thunderbolt, Dolphin Reef, and Highway Kings. You stand a higher chance of winning because of the increased odds from the variety of games.

Why 918Kiss?

To pursue your interest, just create an account on the website and register for free. You can have access to all the games and promotions that 918Kiss offers through the account. New users are usually entitled to a Welcome Bonus while existing users get offered Reload Bonus. You can also double your chances of winning by searching for hacks on online forums. The website protects player’s information through strict privacy policies. The software uses 128-bit SSL encryption to secure the information so that you feel confident while gambling with your money. Exceptional and dedicated customer support is also offered through 24/7 live chat services. You may also contact them at any time for inquiries or assistance through telephone or email. There is also a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available on the website to assist you with common inquiries.

Online games prefer 918Kiss Casino Online is because of its versatility and ability to understand its customers. The company understands that not every passionate gamer can afford a PC, thus it developed the mobile application. You can download the mobile application which is compatible with either Android or iOS systems. The platform offers a diverse number of online casino games to suit gamers of all levels. There is something for everyone and the large variety gives a higher chance of winning.

For professional gamers, the large number of games available will never bore you. The company also has a trustworthy reputation worldwide due to its operation over the years. It has a strong foundation of experienced gamers who are aware of the favorable services offered. The overall interface of all the games is also made simple and functional. The minimalistic design allows you to enjoy the game as much as possible without struggling to maneuver your way through.

918Kiss Download

The 918Kiss is available both on the website as well as mobile application. There is also an application available for use on a regular PC. You need to download the latest version of the application for a more seamless experience. Both the 918Kiss APK for Android or 918Kiss iOS is available on You can enjoy hassle-free gambling on the go, all at your fingertips by using the mobile app. You will also enjoy the flawless, user-friendly interface and top-class software every time you use the app. Furthermore, You can also play with any other players from Android or iOS system due to the high degree of compatibility. There is no need to worry about security threats because the mobile application is also as secure as the website.

If you are new to the world of online casino, you can even play games using the trial mode. The app is so flexible, it allows you to play the games without using real money. It is known as the 918Kiss Test ID, which is essentially a free trial account using the app. When you use the trial mode, there will be an available credit balance of 1900. You can experience the thrill of gambling without the involvement of real money. Thus, you can bet any amount you want and experience the resulting payout in the form of credits.

At the same time, when you lose, you lose only credits but not real money. The credit available in the trial app is also unlimited without any additional charges. As such, you can keep requesting for top up of credit in trial mode without incurring any cost. This way, you get to practice, experience and gain the skills needed to play with real money.

918Kiss Club Member – Benefits

For a first-time user, you just have to download the application for free from the official website. You can register your account for free once the download is complete. Being a new member entitles you to the Free Credit Welcome Bonus. The amount of free credit available for new members is RM100. You can start testing on any of the casino games available by using the allocated. Besides, you can also increase your chances of winning by experimenting with various strategies or hacks. You might even win big using your free credit if you utilize these hacks!

There are also 2 new member bonuses available for those that wish to start depositing real money to start gambling. If you deposit RM30, you get an additional RM80 as a bonus for free. If you deposit RM80, you will then get an additional RM130 as a free bonus. Existing members are eligible to other forms of bonuses, monthly free credits and promotions as well. For example, as an existing user, you qualify for Unlimited Bonus Payout amounting to either 8% or 18%. There also numerous other promotions available from time to time which varies based on your membership. The promotions and bonuses are never ending on 918Kiss Casino Online, thus you will never fall short of Free Credits. Register today and you can start enjoying the benefits as a club member!

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