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3Win8 Mobile Slot Games Malaysia

3Win8 Mobile Slot Game Malaysia

Haven’t tried 3Win8 slot games before? It’s time for you to try now before it’s too late. 3Win8 might still be new in the Malaysian online casino market, but it has delivered pretty good result since its official launch.

Well, what’s so special about it? As we all know, it’s all about mobile slot games nowadays. 3Win8 offers some of the most popular online mobile slot games under its game list. Below are some of the hottest slot games you can find:

  • Highway Kings
  • Great Blue
  • Wukong
  • Dolphin Reef
  • Racing
  • Silver Bullet
  • Captain’s Treasure
  • Safari Heat
  • Penguin Vacation
  • Irish Luck

Game graphic design is quite awesome. At least better than those in SCR888. I can see the company has put much efforts in developing the games. Mobile gaming layout has been optimized in such a way that everything is simplified yet very precise and clear.


3Win8 Android APK and iOS Download

3Win8 Android APK iOS Download

Similar to SCR888, this game is only available in Android APK version and iOS version. Before you even get started, you should first learn how to download the slot games.

You may visit its official download link:, to download for Android APK version and iOS version. It’s pretty straightforward for Android APK version. However, you might need to do additional steps if you wanna download for iOS version.

After having downloaded its iOS source file, you would need to trust the Enterprise Edition in your iPhone’s general setting. After that only you can start launching the game application.

If you really wanna compare between Android and iOS version, I would say there is nothing much differences that you can find. Both are almost the same. Except the fact that I would personally think iOS version might probably have more stable game server than Android version.

It might take a little more time to update slot games in Android version than iOS version. Although the time delay is just a tiny bit. Having said that, it’s still good to play in Android version. Especially when the majority of our population is using Android phones.


Stable Agent Site with Secured Online Betting System

3Win8 Safe Secured Online Betting System

If you wanna choose 3Win8 over SCR888, there gotta be something special in order to convince you. Firstly, we all know that SCR888 agent kiosk site is quite unstable. It might experience at least 4-5 times server interruption in a month. This might not happen in 3Win8.

As far as I’ve used its agent kiosk, it seems to be highly stable and safe. This is very very important to casino agents. You definitely don’t want to encounter server maintenance or operational disruption.

Besides, there has been no rumours about hacking 3Win8 slot games. They have adopted stringent security firewall to prevent hacker from hacking their slot games. This would ensure that fair gaming policy is still in place.